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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hello Again!

I'm back!

Nikko is Vampire kitty!

All my stress built up for Saturday's test. My cutie offered to wake up at 7am and drive me down to the testing center (San Jose State) where I got to spend a tense 3 hours pushing my brain to recognize a multitude of psych terms.

Afterwards, we went to lunch with Adam, emi, and fu, and headed over to Summer Winds Nursery in Mountain View. HUZZAH! Can we say HEIRLOOM Tomatoes!! They had like every single heirloom tomato (well probably not every one). I even got my Green Zebra tomatoes! I now have 12 different varieties of tomatoes that I will be growing this year! YUM YUM YUM! I'm also planting 1 yellow bell pepper plant to see how I like growing it. And I filled out my herb collection (recent additions include mint, golden oregano, garlic chives, lemon grass and lemon thyme). I love growing season!!

After our adventure in gardenland, we trekked off to see Sin City. I admit I was worried when all the previews shown in the theater were horror flicks. While Sin City wasn't a horror flick, it had lots and lots of gratuitous violence. It was good, but I did have to turn my eyes away a few times. Did I mention how much I think Elijah Wood looks like that Harry Potter kid? That's a very creepy fact given Elijah's character in this movie.

crafting while I was MIA
I did get a chance to order some raw wool from Cranberry Moon Farm (through in Massachusetts. I got 2lbs of cotswold, and 1 lb of Border Cheviot. I have to admit, it was fun smelling all the sheepiness and cleaning up the fleece. I even added a bit of lavender essential oil to the last water bath of each fleece to give it a lovely scent and ward off moths.

I also tried my hand at spinning silk caps. Wow, for me this a bit difficult. My hands are kind of rough so all the silk thread catches on the rough patches on my hands. I'd show y'all a picture, but it really doesn't seem like it will photograph well.

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
I've been wanting to read this for awhile, and after finishing the GRE, I finally picked up ervy's copy and sped through it. Ooh I love it! It's so funny! The rest of ervy's collection of Douglas Adams from the series is in H town, and my plan to borrow the rest from a friend was foiled as he whisked them off to Singapore with him. So of course, I picked up the compilation at Barnes and Noble this evening along with a Vogue Knitting (Super Yay!).

vpod is back

sorry this post has been so scattered. I need to get back in the swing of things, and work has been crazy busy since I put a lot of stuff on hold while I was stressing right before the exam. I've been trying to reply to people's comments on their bloggers, but i honestly give up when blogger won't let me through. Later this week, I should be reengaging Halo Scan (I wonder if my paid acct is still active...) so that I can reply directly to y'all!


wendy g said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Your garden will be fun with all your heirloom tomatoes, herbs and peppers.

Lissette said...

I have to comment on the Harry Potter thing. Throughout the entire movie my friends and I were commenting on how he looked so much like Harry Potter, and then with his demise at the end, we were talking and laughing so loud that people around us were shushing us. Aaah good times.

Anonymous said...

that cat looks scary!
earth mother

caitlyn said...

Congratulations on surviving the GRE! =)

Abigail said...

Congrats on making it through the GRE, that is no fun!

Hitchhiker's Guide is one of my favorite trilogies. (Yes, it is a triology, in spite of there being five books in it. ;) I'm very excited about the moving coming out later this year!

SergtPeppa said...

Congrats on surviving the GRE. It sounds insanely scary. Haven't seen Sin City yet. But one of my friends is super excited for the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy to come out as a movie!

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