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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo holds a special place in my heart. It's the day my hubby proposed to me! Five years ago, he managed to surprise me at our favorite Italian restaurant (over this amazing chocolate cookie/cake roll thing that they called a 'chocolate salami' (I know! It sounds totally wrong, but it was amazing. I've never been able to find a place that makes it since then. Anyone have a good recipe? )

You may be wondering why I'm holding a bowl in the pic above. I'm actually hugely multitasking. It's not easy getting out the door to work AND having a chance to snap some pics. So I'm finishing off my bowl of cereal. See? Here's my lighting test shot :)

I wore this outfit to be festive for Cinco de Mayo... except that I actually wore this yesterday on Quatro de Mayo. Yesterday was muy awesome because my boss sent out an email that said, "May the 4th be with you!" I cracked up in my chair and then tried to hide my geekiness. But I can tell y'all cuz y'all already know I'm a big ol' nerd.

I wish I could say that I was so fashion savvy that I saw this blanket on my couch and decided I should turn it into a skirt. But, I actually found it in skirt form. I still think it's awesome - even if I'm less awesome for not DIY-ing it up.

If you'd like your own blanket skirt, you could get this pricey one from Ralph Lauren (did you know Lauren Bush is marrying Ralph Lauren's son and her name might be "Lauren Bush-Lauren" Better than "Lauren Lauren" though I guess, lol)

Or you could get this blanket skirt at Urban Outfitters

But why not just make your own from a blanket? Urban Outfitters also sells these Urban Renewal Vintage Mexican Blankets for $130 less than the skirt linked above. Just don't ask how it's vintage or 'Mexican' (shhhh! they say it's made in Philadelphia).

Have a great day! And in other ethnic-related news (I'm the queen of segues), Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage month!

Cinco de Mayo OOTD
Hype blanket skirt (thrifted $5)
BCBGMaxazaria tan cardigan sz S (thrifted $6)
Martin & Osa Ebony Black pleated silk blouse sz 10 ($15)
black leggings
strappy sandals (can't remember info on this)
Indian bracelets (gifted)
Blue flowery bracelet (thrifted $2)


Molly at Anthromollogies said...

I love it! So festive. I'm impressed with your multi-tasking. My multitasking while snapping photos is making sure my kids don't kill each other while I'm being a poser! P.s. I laughed at the Lauren-Bush-Lauren comment. I didn't know that!
P.P.S You have the PRETTIEST color Eyes I've ever seen!

Rachel said...

Ha! I love your lighting test shot. Found your blog through EBEW and I'm a new follower now - your pictures are gorgeous! So pretty all around.

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