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Saturday, May 07, 2011

An Interview with Lorispeak

Hey everyone,

Happy Saturday! I hope y'all have wonderful weekend plans ahead of you!

Just dropping a note to say that my interview with Smashion is now live on their site.

How neat is that? My first interview!

Click on over to get my 2 cents on:

'What every woman should own'
'My greatest fashion inspiration'

Plus, you can hit the archives to see other fun blogger interviews, or browse through their market. It's an online marketplace and community focused on fashion (without the stress of bidding/bid wars like on ebay!). I've never purchased anything on there, but I do plan to check it out. If you've ever bought something on Smashion, how did your transaction go? What are your experiences with Smashion?



Laura said...

This photo is breath taking Lori.

I can't agree with you enough about the importance of Red Shoes. But not just any pair. I think they should be very special. I spent several years looking for my perfect pair. I can't believe I lived so long without them. Now I'm working on the elusive Navy pair.

Kicking back with a book in the sunshine with Budz by your side must be a dream come true.

I was asked to interview by Smashion. I wish I had agreed. After reading your's it seems very straight forward and low key. That's what I get for not putting myself out there.

LC said...

Great interview Lori! : )

littlemissfanciepants said...

I love the summer souffle dress. It looks fantastic on you! Unfortunately, until it goes on sale, it has no business in my life. Lol. I can't wait to read your Smashion interview! I was also asked and have agreed, but haven't done it yet. I need to get on the ball! Btw, I nominated you on my website for the Stylish Blogger Award! ;) ~ Susan

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