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Friday, May 20, 2011

PSA: Anthro goodies on Smashion and a Corey Lynn Calter Caranday dress

So I've been meaning to tell y'all that I can now fully say that I love Smashion. After signing up for an account, I found the coveted Corey Lynn Calter Caranday dress in my size, and I picked it up for $45 on Smashion. No bidding wars. And, I love the dress!

Other Anthro goodies I spotted on Smashion:
this cute Sleeping on Snow shrug sz M ($25)

Some beautiful old school Anthro in the Calico Hills Sweater (from 2007) sz XS ($35)

But, on Ebay right now, I just spotted another Corey Lynn Calter Caranday Dress in green size 4 (currently at $29!). FYI since I know a lot of ladies are looking for this gem.


Patti said...

Lucky you! I'm still bummed I found the Caranday in the sale room so long ago and put it back. Thanks for sharing the other goodies. :)

Kate said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked the dress! And *high five* to Smashion for bringing us affordable fashion!

Laura said...

I'm wondering now why I still have not checked out Smashion. I would love a Caranday Dress for myself. When will we see you in your Anthro Dress.

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