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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I love right now...

1. New Patisseries in my hood

BTW, if you're in Seattle, the goat cheese and tomato tart at Ines Patisserie is delish.

2. Hubby learning to multitask

3. Walking/running with the Budzor

4. Surprise notes

5. Non-tight-wearing weather

6. The photography and tips at iheartfaces. (I learned how to create a watermark-specific brush in Photoshop! See below for results)

7. Grace Harbor Farms Guernsey Honey Yogurt. SO amazing. Apparently milk from Guernsey cows is sweeter and has more beta-carotene than other milk. All I know is that I had a bowl for dessert... Ev asked for a bite, and then proceeded to serve himself 3 bowls full.

(You can buy this in the Seattle area at these locations or through your Full Circle farms grocery box).

8. Mint green

I've found a new love of mint green (which I'll admit I always thought was turquoise-ish). This love played out in two of my outfits last week! Pardon the pic positioning as I didn't actually look at the pics before running out the door!



Yeah, so you're like 'where's the mint green?' And I'm all like, 'I got your mint green right huuuuuuurr....'

A BIG shout out to Kim at Anthroholic for posting about this Lauren Conrad trench at Kohl's, and for advising me on the fit!

I had never been to a Kohl's before. We didn't have any near me when I was growing up, and I never seem to come across them. It's also not like me to seek out a celebrity fashion line.

By the time I decided I wanted to try this coat, the coat had already sold out in smaller sizes online. I didn't even realize the smallest size in the line was a size 2! Calling around to the nearest Kohl's, I found the smallest size they had was a 4, which I thought might be too big on me. Also, since it's a celebrity line, I worried about the quality. So I gave up on buying it.

But this coat haunted me with it's beautiful unusual shade (for a trench coat) and feminine detail that didn't consist of ruffles at the hips (whih makes me look waaay wide). Finally, I asked Kim how she liked hers. When I heard the size 2 fit her well, I knew the 4 would fit ok since Kim seems to run smaller than me in Anthro clothes.

I was decently impressed with Lauren Conrad's line. I liked the styles of the items I saw at the store. I didn't try on anything else, since I was only there for the coat, but I really like this coat! The pretty flowery lining is a nice touch. And the fact that this detail carried over to line the pockets was a wonderful surprise. It's also the perfect weight for a Spring coat! I may keep an eye on her line in the future.

See the coat on Kim here.

Tuesday OOTD specs
Anna and Frank silk green shirt sz S (thrifted $4) similar here
H&M mustard yellow cardigan sz 6 ($20) similar here
Banana Republic cream wool mini skirt sz 2 (thrifted $) similar here
Banana Republic calf hair belt (thrifted $4) similar on sale here
grey tights
Brown Franco Sarto knee-high boots ($25) similar here

Wednesday OOTD specs
Lauren Conrad Trench Coat size 4 ($55) on ebay here, or similar here, here
Xhilaration lace cardigan sz M ($10) still available here for $10 and other colors for $7!
H&M big pocketed skirt sz XS ($15)
Anthropologie Tellicherry Belt ($15)
black Kirkland tank sz S ($6?)
black tights
black talbots t-strap pumps (thrifted $8?) similar here, here


Cindi said...

I'm loving mint green and have been for awhile. I hope there will be more stuff this spring out with that color cause I'd totally buy more. Oooh watermarking! I've also been meaning to post more FAQ blogs so stay tuned!

Cindi said...

PS...have you ever had the pastries of The French Bakery??? OH MY!

vintageglam1234 said...

the photo of your hubby multitasking is so funny! Who says men can't multitask..hehe.
I don't have photoshop...but have been meaning to get it. The watermark is a great idea, and an added security for your blog photos.
Your Wednesday outfit is so lovely. And I just adore that mint trench with the bow cute. I saw it on Kim the other day, and thought it was really cute. Glad you got it!!

Sammie said...

Lori, that LC coat looks adorable on you :)

Just Steph said...

I must try to find that trench, it's just beautiful on you! And I really loved your outfit with the black lace top and ivory skirt, it's gorgeous...
The pastries looks delicious and the photo of your hubby with the pets is too cute :)
Glad to see Buddy is doing well!

kristin said...

I am loving mint green right now as well. That trench is great! I'm glad you found one. Mmmmmmm - those tarts are making me hungry:)

SRP said...

turquoise/mint is a great color on you! your "loving right nows" are great- love the pet pictures and the patisserie looks delish!

Elaine said...

Seriously, that mint green jacket is GORGEOUS. And now I am intrigued by that yogurt.... (I love yogurt)

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