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Monday, April 11, 2011

She's got lips!

Ok, so I know I promised myself I wouldn't take OOTD pics until I caught up with the backlog, but I give up. In my defense, I wanted to document the fact that I actually have lips! I wore RED lipstick today! Snap! Bam! POW!

Some individuals call red lipstick a man-repeller. Ev wasn't so much repelled as... well shocked. I mean, he knew I had a mouth, but I guess he never expected to see it quite so well.

The lipstick is NYX in Snow White. I read somewhere that its blue undertones make this red quite wearable on Asian skintones. For reference, I'm NW20 in MAC.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYX lipsticks because 1) they are super cheap. Especially if you buy them in multi-packs from makeup ebay sellers. I bought mine from Joy's Cosmetics on Ebay, and 2) the lipsticks have great color and are super smooth to apply!

Here it is in some other lighting at brunch! This certainly isn't an everyday color (for me). But, it was fun to wear out with friends on the weekend, or I could see using it if I ever got all glam and went out at night (wishful thinking, lol).

excuse the dark circles... and no I'm not naked, lol.
OOTD Specs
Gap jean shirt sz XS (thrifted $4)
Vintage blue pleated skirt (thrifted $4)
grey sweater tights
Xhilaration raspberry pumps (thrifted NWT $7)
Charlotte Russe feather headband ($5)


vintageglam1234 said...

Red lipstick is a man-repeller? really? Do you mean it repels men because it stains their lips or that they don't like it?
Anyway, va-va's nice to see Lori with red lips! It's amazing how a bit of lipstick can instantly dress you up without being dressed up as such. Love it! You look so sexy and sultry in that last shot...muah!

Katie said...

Your skirt is to die for, and I love it with the red heels and red lips! Any man would be crazy to be repelled by that!

LilMissSeamstress said...

LORI! WOW! I really want to wear the red lipstick just like the one you have on! very bold and sexy and even sophisticated(ok enough... hhaa)

I am totally trying the NYX lipsticks! If I look ridiculous... then... it's your fault... haha just kidding.

FYI You don't have dark circle(unless you've seen a real one) and you DO look naked...(sorry haha)


Jess said...

Ohhh so nice Lori! That red looks fantastic on you, and I love the shot of the two of you! I have yet to do a red lipstick, too afraid to I think? You are totally rocking it though!

Kay said...

I LOVE red lipstick and I think it looks FAB on you! Go Girl!

kristin said...

You are rocking the red lips! Love the red lips/shoes with the blue skirt. Very nice combo!

Peggy said...

Lori, I read that article on red being a man-repeller too! In my case it's true - my husband HATES when I wear red lipstick! I think it looks great!

Marianne said...

This lipstick is fantastic on you! My husband hates lipstick in general. Sigh.

Tiffany Jen said...

i think you look fabulous in red lips!

Laura said...

Love your thrifty OOTD. The feather headband lays so smooth against your hair. I can't imagine what something like that would look like in my hair. Probably comical.

That's so awesome that the Cosmetic Industry is formulating colors for certain skin tones. I never knew that. Red looks odd on me. Maybe because my lips are so naturally dark. Light colors with shimmer are about all I can wear.

You're silly. Not naked you say! I looked for confirmation of this Statement. Yes, there it is. The line of a shoulder strap hiding out under your hair. Teehee!

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