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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring brings new things

Thank you everyone for your sweet welcome home wishes to Budddie! We are so happy to have him back! Budz hasn't quite "turned the corner" on his recovery. He's being a trooper though, and he's still on pain meds and antibiotics. I'm hoping his pain and side effects miraculously evaporate this week. Cross your fingers with me!

Along with all the new growth popping up in the yard, Spring has brought some additional new happenings around here... err... around hair... lol. yes. omg I just went there.

So you know how I've been trying new things with my hair? Well I noticed my hair was starting to dry out!!

So I tried out hair pickling (that's what husband calls it) or hair salad-making (that's what my bestie calls it). LOL. They're referring to the fact that I've been putting the components of a good salad dressing on top of my head.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: Supposedly, this helps strip the hair of any product residue and smooths the hair follicles. Cool! I filled an empty contact solution bottle with half water and half apple cider vinegar. In the shower, I squirted a bunch on my scalp and massaged it into my hair roots for a minute before rinsing, and then shampooing my hair as normal.

Results: Wow. My hair got really smooth and shiny after it dried. Also, my hair did NOT smell like vinegar (much to hubby's sadness, since he was so excited I was 'pickling my hair'). I have naturally straight hair, but this made my hair lay super straight on my head. In fact, I thought it was too straight and flat. So, I immediately wanted to curl it again. But, the darnedest thing is that even though I've washed my hair since then, my hair has not yet been able to hold a curl like it did before the vinegar rinse... Has anyone else ever had this happen?

I think this would be great option for people who use a lot of product and want to add shininess to their hair. Maybe just don't use it if you want to curl your hair?

Olive Oil treatment: So I read that this type of treatment would be especially helpful to replenish dry hair. I was a bit skeptical about adding oil to my hair which naturally gets really oily if I don't wash it... but I thought I'd give it a try. Ok. So the actual recipe I looked up called for 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey... acckk! I wasn't ready to take the leap of faith needed to put sticky honey in my hair.

What I did: I took 2 TB of olive oil and put it in a plastic baggy in a cup of warm water (to heat the oil). I then used my hands to massage the oil into the ends of my dry hair and up my head. I stuck all my hair into a shower cap, and I hopped into a hot bath for 15 minutes to let the hot air from the bath heat the oiled, cap-covered hair. After 15 minutes I showered, and washed my hair a couple times to get the oil out.

Results: Not as startling as the vinegar treatments. But, my hair tips no longer look dry! I think my hair is back to looking healthy :D woohoo! Now if only I could get it to hold a curl again.

Now, my non-hair related new Spring thing...I've accepted a part-time job at a start-up! I'll get to use my research skills in an industry I happen to also be quite interested in. Sounds fab right?

I had initially been looking for an industry position to try out this summer (for a comparison to academia), but this opportunity came up and I couldn't pass it up! I start next week!!

Ok and now an admission: I've stopped taking ootd pics until I make my way through some of my backlog. This outfit was from over a month ago. It was the first time I'd worn my hair in braids in a long time. Everyone told me I looked like Pocahontas.... for realz. O_o

Outfit specs
Deletta unknown name tee sz S ($20)
J.Crew Tivoli boiled wool cardigan
Eze Sur Mer top sz S ($30)
Lucky Brand jeans size 4 (thrifted $8)
Nicole Winchester Leather Riding Boots ($100)
necklace (gifted)


Sammie said...

your hair looks cuute in braids! Congrats on the new job! Let's have a congratulatory coffee break soon :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Congrats on your part time job! That's great news Lori. Can apple cider vinegar and water really do wonders for my hair? Only one way to find out. I have a bottle of apple cider vinegar sitting in the pantry going to waste. I think you look so cute and very pochahontas in braids:)

Unknown said...

Agh! I totally remember this OOTD! Was it the Alice Eagly lunch? I vaguely recall you wanting the boiled sweater because it was really frickin' cold that day!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Aw, welcome home, Budz! I'm so he is one happy pup to be back home with his people!

Elaine said...

I don't ever know what to do with hair stuff besides washing and conditioning. I'm really inept at this stuff.


Kimmie said...

I love the ACV rinse! Luckily my hair is curly, so it makes it curlier. I never heard about the olive oil, though. I'll give that one a try next time. I like the different colors in your look. I really like the belt paired with your top. Tres chic!

thatdamngreendress said...

sweet- love the little braids!

That's so strange about the vinegar treatment/ curls!

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