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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The grass is greener...

on my counter!

I love when I can find functional products that somehow make my life cheerier! Ev and I had been using dish towels on the counter to let things dry a bit after coming out of the dish washer. I looked into getting an actual dish rack, but most of them took up too much counterspace and were an eyesore.

This little patch o' grass is actually marketed as a drying rack for baby supplies. It takes up a scant 10"x 10" plot, but it's perfect for the few tupperware lids and kitchen tools that need some extra drying time before being packed away in their respective cabinets and drawers.

This rack wouldn't be good for you if you need to dry all your dishes on here (I'm not actually certain that it would hold a dish plate up... I certainly wouldn't recommend trying that). But, if you have the odd cup or utensil that needs drying this would work well for you too.

The 'grass' portion is a plastic spoked insert. The spokes are actually quite stiff and hold up cups, bottles. You can also squeeze handles of things between the spokes to dry various utensils vertically.

Boon Inc. Grass Countertop Drying Rack ($18 at Amazon)


Inkmark said...

neat! I love those functional innovative ideas for saving space.

Sammie said...

what a cuuute idea! I have a dish rack too and I totally agree that it takes up waaaaay too much space!

Tiffany Jen said...

that's awesome and so friggen' cute! i want one :)

vintageglam1234 said...

This is a fab idea for drying bottles and little things! Sure beats those plastic dish racks.

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