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Thursday, December 23, 2010

backlogged OOTDs

Hey everyone. Thank you all so much for your encouraging and sympathetic words about Budz. It definitely caught me off guard when the vet told me Budz probably has tumors, but I'm still holding out hope that it's just an infection. I'll let y'all know next week whether the antibiotics helped or not when I take Buddie back to the vet.

Sorry I fell behind on OOTD picture taking last week. All I felt like doing was hugging all of my animals. So that's what I did. I seriously became Elmira from Animaniacs, and I couldn't stop hugging and kissing both my kitties (much to their dismay) and Budz. So for most of last week I forwent photo taking and blogging.

I do have two older outfits I wanted to share.

2nd time breakin' the rules

I wore this outfit almost two weeks ago! It was a second time trying to break my rule of wearing a skirt that falls past my knees. I don't think this was as successful as my first try at wearing too long of a skirt.

This skirt is a pleated vintage Woolworth's skirt that I haven't gotten around to hemming. I love the pleats, but I still think I'd like to hem it a few inches shorter, because the free swingy shape in combination with awkward length really stubbified me.

I thought it would look really neat to pair it with some brightly colored tights, so I chose these bright yellow-orange ones... but in the pics, I really just look super jaundiced! yikes! Perhaps I won't wear these ones again!

And here with a sweater for added warmth.

2nd time rule breakin' OOTD
Martin & Osa silk tie-neck cream button-up blouse sz 12
($15 sale)
J Crew grey v-neck sweater sz XS (thrifted $6)
Vintage black accordian pleated Woolworth's skirt ($4.80 thrifted)
Adidas black skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)
Yellow-orange Hue tights ($7)
Kelsi Dagger black beaded flats ($30)

Buddie in blue
This is from the day after I found out about Buddie's potential tumors. So it was a little tougher to smile, but in the hopes of enjoying a little embodied cognition, I put on a smile.

My intention was to dress comfy, but I ended up throwing on these Nicole Miller pumps I'd picked up. They just almost give me enough height to wear these long pant legs uncuffed.

Well, ouch! Apparently, a whole day of wearing these was not fun. My feet hurt by the end. I still really like these pumps, but I'll probably save them for evenings out to dinner rather than a full work day.

Last Wednesday's OOTD
Anthropologie Finessed Turtleneck sz XS ($30 sale)
Anthropologie grey short-sleeved blazer by Elevenses sz 4 (thrifted $6)
Vintage pins (one came as a set with some wedding jewelry I bought for around $100, the other pin came off of a sweater I had)
Guess Jeans sz 27 (thrifted $10)
Nicole Miller New York t-strap pumps (thrifted $8)
Calvin Klein black belt

At least Budz seems pretty happy right now. He's been getting a lot of extra attention with my husband's family visiting us from out of town. Plus, Ev took the week off, and I'm wfh all week, so there's always someone there to rub his belly.

I'm going to try to keep posting a few times throughout the holidays, but besides having a nice time with Ev's parents and brother, and cuddling all my animals, I've also been working like crazy on a grant, papers, and data analysis. But, I've missed you all too! So I'll definitely pop in and say hi to y'all again soon!


vintageglam1234 said...

awww Lori, no need to apologise for the lack of posts lately. Budz is more important :-) Glad he is the centre of attention right now!
I love your first outfit - it's got a Mad Men secretary vibe to it. The skirt is fabulous and makes your waist look really tiny! I don't think the skirt is too long at all.
And did you get bangs??! lookin' good!

Fru-gal Anthropologie said...

Budz is so irresistibly cute! He will be ok I am sure of it. I love your black skirt it reminds me of a sprightly step dress I wore for the Holiday party! It's so vintage and I remember my gramma had a skirt just like it in pink! (that I now regrete not keeping it, but I was like 7 years old) haha

Keep up your good spirit!

Kay said...

Oh, I love your Budz! Sorry to hear about the tough times, I can relate, so I will give you a big cyber hug. Hang in there, keep giving him love and kisses!

Matt said...

We've definitely been thinking about Budz! I hope it turns out to only be an infection and he gets better soon!

I love your first outfit though!! You don't look jaundiced either! Its cute! I love how full the skirt is! And it doesn't really stubbify you! Although I think it would be pretty cute hemmed and maybe more useful! I love the top you paired with it too! And Budz outfit looks great! Yay for hugging pets! Your second outfit is great too! I love the pumps and the colors!

I hope you have happy holidays and fun with all your friends and family!! :)

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Budz, I know what it's like to have a doggy going through a rough time ): I am sure everything will be okay.

I really love your outfit with the sweater, the shirt is perfect!

Meredith said...

i hope your doggy pal get's well soon! fingers crossed for something not as devastating as tumors:) PS: on a lighter note, you're simply adorable!

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