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Monday, December 06, 2010

A series of OOTDs but not enough skirts

Things are still running full tilt over here, but I managed to snap a few OOTD pics throughout last week. Looking back at this past week, I can see I really worked the open-mouth jaw-drop again. hm.. I might need to mix it up this week :)

I've been really really wanting to wear skirts and tights these days. The temperatures in my office are perfect for it, and I picked up a few neat tights over Thanksgiving. But, my plans to wear skirts+tights goes completely out the window when I walk Buddie in the morning. I realize that if I'm freezing in jeans and a sweatshirt, then I'll probably be shivering out at the bus stop. I swear the bus stop is like 3 degrees cooler than anywhere else due to the extra wind chill from the cars running by.


The only day I succeeded in wearing tights and a skirt was Monday. And I insulated myself by wearing rain boots, a sweater under my dress, and a cape (and as I ran out the door I also grabbed a scarf and long gloves).

This dress has pockets built in! I had planned to wear this in early fall, sans tights and layered sweater, but I never got a chance. It worked ok, I think, as a jumper though.

We also had a chance to decorate a tad for the holidays. Instead of going with a large live tree as usual, I ended up picking up this small artificial tree for free this summer. It's worked quite well, no needles all over the house, no worries about mold or about the cats climbing up the tree and batting ornaments. And I still got to pull out my vintage ornaments (vintage shiny brites and other neat vintage glass ornaments).

I picked up this wool cape at Seattle Goodwill's annual Glitter Sale. It's a big sale where they corral all the higher end fashion items together and people go nuts. My friend Jeanny won pre-sale tickets (I think only 7 people got them), and she brought me as her plus one. There were amazing things there. I meant to blog it, but I ran out of time. I saw new Kate Spade shoes, Betsey Johnson, Nanette Lepore, BCBG, lots of vintage beauties, and furs.

There's also a lot of sequins (hence the 'glitter' sale. My friend Calvin sent me this funny news clip of the Glitter sale this year. Apparently someone went a bit swear-crazy for glitter).

I went crazy for vintage. This was one of the two vintage capes I brought home with me :)

Monday OOTD
Vintage grey wool hooded cape ($15 thrifted)
Navy Max Studio shift dress sz XS ($40)
Sarah Borghi Red Plaid Tights ($7.99)
Topshop red sweater sz 4 ($6 thrifted)
Navy Hunter Wellington boots ($40 at Costco 2009)
Forever 21 sparrow necklace ($6.50)


Here's a few more of our decorations: a vintage sled by the fireplace, more vintage ornaments in an apothecary, and little xmas knick knacks like this santa:

This fireplace has been keeping us extra cozy this Fall. Yes we have heat, but it's so nice to sit in front of the fire and do work.

Wednesday OOTD
F21 red/white striped turtleneck sz M($10)
Old Navy tweed jacket sz S ($4 thrifted)
Lisa Skinny Jeans by Fire Jeans sz 5 (thrifted $7)
Navy Hunter Wellington boots ($40 at Costco 2009)


See here's another day where I really wanted to wear a skirt. But I chickened out and went with jeans and flats. I appeased myself with two other items from the Glitter sale: this vintage wool coat and vintage feathered cloche. These items feel right out of Boardwalk Empire. I thought it would be appropriate to stand in front of Evan's liquor cabinet given that Boardwalk Empire is set during prohibition.

Showin' off some midcentury tumblers Evan thrifted. Oh no! I'm mixing my decades! It's like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire collided!

Thursday OOTD
Vintage maroon wool coat ($30 thrifted)
Vintage feathered cloche ($8 thrifted)
Anthropologie Precious Materials Cardigan by Moth sz S ($60 sale)
Express X2 jeans sz 4 ($6 thrifted)
Loft striped 3/4 sleeve shirt ($4 thrifted)
Etienne Aigner shoes ($30)


Friday was another exercise in layering. I also threw on a large wool coat that you don't see here for bus stop weather :)

Friday OOTD
Field Game Cardi look-a-like from TJ Maxx sz M ($20)
Express X2 jeans sz 4 ($6 thrifted)
Banana Republic green/blue v-neck tee sz M ($10?)
Nicole Winchester Leather Riding Boots ($100 at DSW)
Jade butterfly necklace ($6 thrifted)
Turquoise scarf ($10)
Black Banana Republic blazer sz 6 (?)

phew! that's it! Hopefully this week I'll stay on top of everything - writing, analyzing, blogging :)!


Kathleen said...

OMG I can't handle all these outfit pictures at once. You look so great in all of them!

I am in love with your Monday outfit and wonder if I can replicate something similar with my Vagabond Dress. And those tights are just awesome!

And your Thursday coat seriously made me swoon. I need it. Immediately!

I hear you on not wanting to wear tights/skirts when it's cold. I'm lucky and start the day off in my garage so it's never that cold, but it doesn't get pretty frosty! I usually just suck it up and tell myself that it's worth it to be adorable! LOL

Cindi said...

What a great recap of your week! I just love your little Christmas tree...we also have an artificial one, and don't they say it's better for the environment? :) I see some nice wrapped presents under there already. Hehe.

Oh and too bad they can't make tights that warm up while you're outfit. :) Waiting for the bus can be torturous!

Courtnee said...

I love all of your outfits but I"m in love with Monday's look!

All of your vintage is amazing. What good deals!

Laura said...

Mondays outfit had to be my favorite. Love layering. I tried to layer the Perthshire Dress in today's Post. No success. It's the odd neckline. Love those plaid tights. Holy cow that's a gorgeous cape. Love the color of the wellies. Thursday's coat is perfect for the Holidays. It looks like something from Tracy Reese. I so wanted the Precious Materials cardi to workout for me. Lucky you. I'm just a little too large in the chest area. Even with my narrow shoulders the Black made me look like a line backer with implants. I wore it to dinner and my BF took pics. I couldn't even post them on my blog. The cardi looks so adorable on you withe jeans and tennis shoes. Great week of outfits Lori.

thatdamngreendress said...

Love your stripes and plaids mixes! I live in dresses and tights all winter- I find it's so much warmer than pants (if done right)- heavier weight tights and knee-length or longer skirts are just right. I wear a slip for added layering. the bonus? You never have to walk around with wet pant legs!

Mich said...

I love the first outfit with the tartan tights. It's so fun and festive! And the layering is adorable.

vintageglam1234 said...

YAY! Lori is back and better than ever. I chuckled when i noticed your jaw-dropping expressions - you are so funny girl :-)
That cape of yours looks seriously amazing. I bet it's great at keeping you warm too.
I love that little Santa in Wednesday's outfit - where can i get one of those. I love cute little things like that.
Love your cloche in Thursday's outfit. It adds a bit of ladylike style into your outfit!

LilMissSeamstress said...

Every Single outfit you have on just screams Holiday!!! I love your cape you scored!!!

E said...

Dying over all the great pieces you have! I want those plaid tights!

Lori said...

@Kathleen I know! Hopefully, I'll stay on top of blogging so I won't have to do these massive posts too often! I'd love to see your interpretation of monday's outfit!

@Cindi I would buy warming tights in a heartbeat! More gifties have joined the tree. I actually made my friend take her gifts because there were getting to be a bit too many, but she had bad self-control and ended up opening them three hours after leaving my house, lol.

@Laura I can't even imagine that - a pic where you look like a linebacker, lol. I could see how layering under the Perthshire would be tough with the neckline.

@thatdamngreendress I wish I found tights and skirts to be as warm as jeans. I have sweater tights and I'll even go to leggings. I tend not to wear really long skirts (because I'm shortish and also in the wet seattle weather they're likely to get gross), and most of my skirts are above the knee to lengthen my stubby legs :)

@vintageglammz I wish I knew where I picked up the santa. I think I've had him for awhile. Maybe I got him somewhere like Joann's fabrics?

Matt said...

Wow! I hope things are going well! Sounds like things are busy (and cold! That's no fun!) I love that first dress, and the colors in that outfit are great, and those tights are awesome! I love all your decorations too!! And the other outfits are just great too!! I love the coat in the second one! And that hat is just too cute! :)

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