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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

breaking the rules for Elaine OOTD

First off, two announcements:


2) Today HauteLook has Eva Franco pieces that were carried at Anthropologie. I saw the Lincolnshire skirt for $50 and the
Higgledy-Piggledy Skirt in a maroon color for $56, A Fine Line Skirt for $56, and the Fluttering Pencil Skirt.

Ok, on to the OOTD. Today I'm breaking the rules for Elaine. She asked people what clothing rules they have and if they've ever broken them. I don't really have explicit clothing rules for the most part. Well, maybe I have one: I try not to wear skirts that fall between my knee and my ankles - despite the current trend to do so. I have short legs, and skirts that length just make them look shorter.

But I figured I might as well try it out anyway. I have a few skirts in my closet that I haven't decided to shorten yet, and one dress that I wouldn't shorten. They've been sitting around, twiddling their thumbs because I can't decide what to do with them.

Take today's MaxMara skirt. I thrifted this from Goodwill back in June for $6. It was too long on me, especially if I let it sit at my hips. This is actually my most winter appropriate skirt as it's made of very thick wool and lined (and it has thick warm pockets!).

Actually, when I first bought this skirt, I didn't like it - or I couldn't tell if I liked it. In part because of the length, in part because of the bulk of the thick wool. I think I was anti-bulky wool because I picked it up in the summer. I quite liked the bulky wool today. I just pinned it slightly smaller to fit at my waist so that it didn't go too far below my knees. Ok. so that's kinda cheating at breaking the rules. I'm cheating on what I'm supposed to be cheating.

But it definitely hits below the knee, forcing me to wear heels to make my legs look longer. I also kept to dark tights and dark heels so not to break up my legs into more visual pieces.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go for broke and really break the rules.

OOTD Specs
Forever 21 red plaid tunic dress worn as a shirt sz L ($12?)
H&M black divided tee sz 8 ($8)
MaxMara wool skirt no size tag but fits like a small ($6 thrifted)
TBJ Jeans cream hoodie (thrifted $6)
Black tights ($8)
black Fioni rosette pumps (thrifted $6)


Melissa said...

I LOVE that skirt! I think you look fantastic!

I'm not even five feet tall and have had to come to the realization that looking short doesn't mean looking bad. It's okay if I wear a skirt below the knees that makes me look short. It's still cute.

And you, my dear, are adorable!

Cindi said...

I screamed the same thing when I saw that dress on Rachel and it scared the bajeezes out of Chris. Haha.

You are brave for wearing that skirt and it looks great on you. I can't pull this look off because I have stubby legs, in addition to them being short. Boo!

Jess said...

haha I saw the dress and thought of all the anthro bloggers out there too! I think you look great no matter what the length of the skirt it seems :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Hello rule breaker Lori!
This skirt does wonders for your figure. It slims you right down, and somehow makes your legs look longer. I think it may be due to the higher waistline? You look fantastic! please...break more rules :-)
Will have to keep my eyes opened for the southward stop dress on Glee..if i see it, iwill be thinking of you. Hehe

aki! said...

It's a winter skirt, for sure, but I don't think it's bad at all!

I have the same problem with short legs and wide hips, but I guess there are always ways that you can work around it.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Very cute look! I think this length of skirt looks great on you!

Laura said...

You are not short. And this skirt length definately doesn't make you look shorter. I think you are just pulling our legs so we can be taller. Haha! Now if the skirt had been full, that would be a problem. I'm almost 5'6" and a full skirt makes me look short and stocky. Which I'm not.

My Jacquard Gala Dress by Ruffian is extremely full and has a high waist. I wised up and added a belt to pull the waist down. I was pleased with the results. It worked.

You are having too much fun hoping around the house Miss Lori.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I really like this look -- very Scottish highlands, in a good way. And I think this skirt had amazing details -- I love the pleating in the front. I also adore your plaid dress/top. I have been mad for plaid recently -- bought three plaid shirts in about three days, and I STILL want to buy this dress for myself!

Elaine said...

Yay!!!! I think you look amazing! I actually think it makes you look longer and taller because it's at your waist. I love it! Please email this to me!! After that one breaking-rules post more and more people were saying they wish they had known about it so I think I'll make this a weekly thing! So dont' forget to email me this link! :)

Matt said...

Super cute!! I think it looks great! And bulky (warm!) wool sounds really great right now!! :)

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