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Friday, July 08, 2005

ooh i love me some new patterns!

My new Interweave Knits was waiting for me in the mail when I came back from Missouri. Just yesterday, I got a chance to flip through its pages, and besides noticing that the IK model was used in many of the yarn advertisements this issue, I also noticed how much I actually liked many of these patterns (big difference from the last issue of IK). When I get home I'll explain which ones I liked, for now, I will speak about a few of the patterns I like in the new issue.

the first man sweater, hardcore, is ok. I'm not a fan of that style, but I think it's alright for some people. I do like that it has a hood. The graphic is kind of cute though.

the rest of the sweaters afterward through drunken argyle, either don't excite me, or just make me go "ick."

I DO love Cargo. The little pants are adorable, and the model is a cutie as well!

Tychus is interesting as a hat....I may make one of these and see how I like it.

Cigar amuses me, but as ervy doesn't smoke, I probably won't be knitting these.

Satchel looks like it could be fun (in the larger style), but honestly, I think I might just prefer to sew something like that


Vicki said...

That was pretty much what I was thinking of the new knitty too. So my unused as of yet baby pattern file grows.

Ruby Girl said...

Knitty this month was pretty good, nice to see some male patterns that aren't too bad.

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