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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hufflepuff House

Hufflepuff House: "One of the four houses of Hogworts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The founder was Helga Hufflepuff, colors are yellow and black, the house animal is the badger and the house ghost is the Fat Friar."

Even though yesterday's talk of the nation segment annoyed me (the one that had listeners call in and be 'sorted' into a harry potter house... THAT's not NEWS!! I don't expect fluff from NPR!), I'm still so so excited about the new book coming out!

I may make this wonderful harry potter bookscarf, but since I've decided I would be in hufflepuff, I would make mine yellow and black :)

Did people hear Jon Stewart pronounce Muggles incorrectly? He pronounced it more like "Mugg - lies." like "snuggly." You should have seen being being a dork yelling at the screen, "No, No! It's "MUGGLES!!" along with a few of his audience members. eh, I still LOVE the Daily Show!!!


--Deb said...

Mugglies . . . I love it! I can't wait until tomorrow morning....

Christina said...

Isn't the Daily Show hilarious!

~ Christina

Vicki said...

That bookscarf is so cute! I may need to make one. I have always loved the Hufflepuffs, how could you not with that name?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention and compliment of my bookmark pattern. Would love to see a Hufflepuff version if you do decide to make one!

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