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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The weirdest apartment searching experience

We had the weirdest apartment searching experience ever when we visited 1810 San Carlos Ave.

Our apointment to view this 2 Bdr unit was at 4:30pm. Our arrival at 4:20pm found us inching our way through the parking lot which was narrow and terraced providing a bumpy and nervous ride (the whole complex was on a hill, and was named ___ terrace, so everything was terraced for stability i guess).

We tried to follow the signs to find the rental office. We got lost somewhere around the pool where current residents pointed us upstairs to an apartment which served as the office. We tapped on the sliding glass door of the apartment and this 10-12 yr old skinny kid comes to the door and slides it open.

e or me, (I can't remember): "Uh, we have an appointment at 4:30pm"
kid: "I didn't know that." shuts door. we watch as he runs to the phone. we watch him hang up and come back to us with a set of keys.

It was very odd, as he stepped out of the door, he started ringing off the apartment spiel that we heard at every other apartment complex. e and I could barely hide giggles and smiles as we went up and down stairs and around corners to some shitty ass apartments shown to us by this prepubescent child.

The whole experience was like a trip to another time and place separate from the rest of our day. It felt like this complex had been lifted up out of Nowhere, Nevada and plunked oddly into the California landscape. interesting experience...


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