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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the apartment search

e and i went apartment hunting all last weekend. We still haven't found a place that is perfect, there always seems to be at least one thing wrong.

There was this amazing place in menlo park on Ravenswood, 2Bdr, 1Ba for $1200/mo. They allowed cats, and the kitchen was great (new appliances and a nice gas stove!). The carpet was wonderful, the bedrooms and living space were nice and large. The drawbacks...
an itsy bitsy balcony incapable of holding my garden or allowing e to BBQ. Plus, there was only one parking spot, and since you can't park on Ravenswood, one of us would have to park on a side street further from the house. Damn!

We saw some niceish places in San Mateo, including a couple town houses (2Bdr, 1.5 bath, 2 floors). But we've... I've... now decided San Mateo is out because it's too far north for me. On that note, e has decided Mountain View is too far south for him, so we can check off visiting the town houses down there.


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