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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

it's all coming to an end... THANK GOD!

I'm presenting my thesis tomorrow, "Exploring Multiracial Identity: Ethnic affiliation and physical features among Asian American and Hapa college students," at 4:20pm in Bldg 420-050 on Stanford Campus. I am only allowed 8 min (that's b.s., you can barely communicate anything in that amount of time) so i'm actually not talking about all of my findings. if anyone wants to stop by, they're free to come. I'll be there from 1pm - 5:30 pm listening to talks (we're required to stay the whole time to support each other).

I'm a little nervous because our psych department is full of such big name people (Phil Zimbardo (recently been all over the news for his well-known Stanford Prison Experiment which has been cited in all the coverage of the Iraqi prison abuses), Claude Steele (famous for his idea of stereotype threat), Hazel Markus (famous for showing cultural differences between interdependent and independent cultures... pen study), Albert Bandura (bobo doll - see violence do violence), to name a few). I've studied under them, but to have them come and listen specifically to me for 8 minutes about my own, that's something else! I'm guessing people will only come to the ones they are interested in... so I predict much of the social psych dept will be there as well as anyone studying cultural psych.

and my thesis will be bound tomorrow or tonight... and i'll be able to sleep again... hopefully.


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