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Saturday, December 20, 2003

The Dent: Mona Lisa Smile

I went to see mona lisa's smile with e last night. It was an enjoyable movie. julia roberts was, well, julia roberts playing her normal julia roberts role in that julia roberts way. Julia Stiles' performance didn't hit the right key with me. Her performance was not quite believable. Kirstin Dunst was good in her role as 'the bitch' and Maggie Gyllenhaal was amazing in her role as 'the loose and progressive girl.' most reviewers gave this movie a poor rating, but i thought it was a fun time. and for you tori fans, tori makes an appearance in the movie (as pointed out by e).

The Dent: Mona Lisa Smile: "But here's the part you'll want to know: The movie does indeed have a wedding scene at which Tori appears as a wedding singer. We see the girls socializing in the ballroom at the wedding reception, and there's big bang music playing. One of the characters repeatedly comments on the good band. Shortly thereafter, we hear 'Murder, He Says' partway through, then cut to a close-up shot of Tori singing onstage. She sways seductively, and kind of bobs her shoulder and head toward the microphone in that way she does. Tori is standing, not playing a piano, and wearing a royal blue dress that is pulled back behind her neck. (I don't know what that style is called.) The song ends, and as Maggie Gyllanhall's character begins to dance with a teacher who she has slept with (that's not ruining any of the plot, so no attacks about the lack of a spoiler!), we hear 'da ba ba da-ba doo wee doo wee/da ba ba do-wee do-wee do-wee/see the pyramids along the Nile...,' and for a good minute or so of the scene, the two characters slow dance to the music, but are parted right down the middle to reveal Tori from a distance on stage in full focus! It's actually kind of surprising to me how carefully the shot seems to have been composed to make room for Tori in the romantic context."


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