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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Christmas Christmas time is here...

a close up of skeeter snacking on some lettuce.

i was so thrilled to be done with finals. i had been staving off on buying a christmas tree and going shopping for school (it mostly paid off in grades). When I finally went to target to buy the cheap fake tree (only 16.99!) they were long gone. The beautiful ornaments and gift tags I had previously seen at Costco were also long gone. as it turns out, the christmas season for them ends around 3 weeks before christmas. sadness.

finally we went to a real tree lot and bought a cute live tree, and went to long's and got some cheap lights and ornaments (i didn't notice i got blue and silver and now people tell me i'm mixing my religions [christmas and hannakuh]). It's great though. and i put the first present under the tree (e's xmas gift)!


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