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Thursday, December 11, 2003


I hate finals. the worst part is thinking all this will be over in less than
a day. that is a dangerous thought because i start to lose concentration
on the task at hand. i think, hey in that little amt of time i won't care about
all this, so why do i care right now?

blah. times like these always make me think of my future and whether i'll
make something of myself. i wonder if i'll make my parents proud of me. i
wonder if i'll be proud of myself. i wonder if people will ever look down on
me for whatever i decide to do. i hope i do something good with my life.
on the other hand, i just hope i'll be happy.

my emotion final was long. i didn't know enough detail for the questions.
i feel bad, like i let my teacher down. he tried to chit chat when i handed
in the exam, but i nearly ran out of there. i should be studying for tomorrow
i won't sleep much tonight most likely. i hate the end of a quarter.

my parents sold the baby girl chinchilla today. a lot of people were interested
in her. my dad took some great pics of her that i collaged for a craigslist

people on an lj chinchilla group called her sexy which was sort of

e was nice and drove me to my final tonight. i was too nervous and stressed
to drive i think. he's really stressed now tho. big computer assignment due
in 30 minutes.

i made a new level for skeeter. i think e calls it his bachelor suite. he hops
up there for food and to squeek at us as we wander by. it's lined with an
aquafresh box which is a really pretty shade of green. it does advertise
aquafresh to skeeter constantly. maybe it'll get him to brush his teeth.

ok studying cognitive development now...


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