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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wearing a Bubbly Statement Necklace and Eating Tasty Seattle Udon

My concentration face is scary. I'm trying really hard to aim the camera in my general direction... obviously, I missed me a little.

J.Crew Bubble Necklace (ebay)
Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan
Purple SopranoSopranoSoprano dress Sz M ($15; see summer styling here)
Purple F21 skinny belt

My "bracelet"? It's a piece of fabric my cousin brought back from Uganda and used to tie up a present for me. I couldn't bear to toss the small brightly covered fabric. I ended up tying it in a bow for an impromptu bracelet!

I wore this to meet my good friend Jeanny for handmade udon at U:Don (yes, omg, there's an emoticon in the name! I love my restaurants to smile at me, hehe)

I got the On-tama Udon which came with a lightly poached egg in the broth (yum!). At the end of the buffet line, you get to select tempura by the piece (mostly 99 cents each). The noodles were delicious. I maaaaaaay have over ordered on the tempura (all in the name of making sure this was a good place to recommend if you're ever in Seattle, of course). I especially loved the tempura kabocha squash and fish cake!


Jane said...

I've been eyeing the bubble necklaces on e-bay, as well, but I'm nervous about the quality of the pieces, as most of the necklaces don't seem authentic. Thoughts on yours?

Lori said...

@Jane good question! I was worried about the Ebay pieces too. I bought this awhile ago, before J.Crew actually started selling the bubble necklace again. It was a gamble, because I'm highly allergic to cheap metals (my guess is the ones with nickel in them). But I'm not allergic to this necklace. It is stamped j.crew, but given the price (I think around $20) my guess is it is fake. I actually haven't been to a retail store to closely examine what the real ones feel like, so I can't directly compare the two. But, this one has held up well and gives me the look I want. I haven't had it tested to see if it's actually 18k (again, my guess would be no), but it hasn't discoloured in any weird way. I'd say for the price, it's worth the gamble.

Tina said...

I love this outfit! I'm seeing that necklace everywhere!

Kimmie said...

You look gorgeous! I love the color combos (Pinning It!) of your bracelet and the entire outfit is a colorful dream. You have inspired me to find an udon restaurant here. Your meal looks so good!

Lizzie said...

This has got to be my favorite outfit you have ever posted! Love the blazer, necklace and amazing color combo!

p.s. I am having my first ever giveaway if you would like to enter :)

Lori said...

@Tina Thank you!

@Kimmie Yay! Btw, I've loved seeing some of the cocktail recipes you've been pinning! Totes need to have a cocktail party.

@Lizzie thanks so much. I'll hop on over!

Ida said...

I see that bubble necklace everywhere and still have yet to get one! <3

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