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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nook Soba noodles night: The magic of buckwheat noodles

Hope you lovely people had a wonderful weekend!

If you live in Seattle, you should definitely try Nook in the University District for amazing biscuits. I've been a fan since my first bite into their humongous crisp & fluffy biscuits of joy. Also, seriously, the owners are so sweet. And I like to support good folks!

So when I heard that they were having a special soba night, Ev and I made sure we reserved a spot. Oh yah, this is what I wore for soba night:

Hawks by Geren Ford mini dress ($4.99 thrifted), Trina Turk for Hue purple tights ($6), H&M fake suede obi belt ($13), Black strappy wedge sandals ($15), United Colors of Benetton black long sleeve tee
Yep, I have no idea why I decided to dress up like a grape! :)

We had soba tea, soba sushi (instead of rice there were soba noodles through the sushi rolls), oyster soba soup, and a mochi wrapped marscapone & strawberry dessert. It was TDF. I never knew soba could be like that. It was freshly made, soft and chewy... toothsome. Apparently, one of the owners friends had studied/trained at a soba place in Japan. So he brought his skills, soba flour, and even the gorgeous Wasara compostable serveware.

I've been to way pricier meals where there wasn't as much thought or care put into the flavors, textures, and experience of the meal as there was at Nook's soba night. Some of the touches I loved: a) in the appetizer plate, we each got our own piece of fresh wasabi root and a grinding board to put as much wasabi into our dipping sauce (for the fried soba chips) as we pleased, b) the little puffed flower shaped puffed wheat in our salad (a hint of spring), c) eggplant tempura! why don't more people do this? Wonderful contrast of textures...

Anyway, if they ever do another pop-up soba night, I highly highly recommend it!


Find an additional review of Nook's Soba night at Seattle Weekly by the "Mein Man", Jay Friedman, who also blogs his culinary Seattle adventures at

btw, when did biscuits become the next big specialty thing? I seem to hear about new shops popping up everywhere? Have y'all been to a shop specifically dedicated to biscuits?


Kimmie said...

Ohmygoodness!! Your meal looks so delicious! How bad is it that I just ate dinner and am now hungry again after reading this post! I hope something like this pops up in the Bay area so I can eat delicious soba! I love mochi anything, and your dessert looks and sounds so good!

Kristina Clemens said...

I would soooo love to visit Seattle! I've always wanted to spend some significant time there. If husbie and I ever get the chance to plan a trip, I'll def be contacting you to get the scoop on all the best "non-touristy" place that must be visited, k? =) And I LOVE the purple!
Kristina J.

Lori said...

@Kimmie - I love bay area eats! I'm pretty sure there has got to be some great soba places stashed around there. I remember a great ramen place I used to go to in Mountain View, and there's an awesome vegetarian Japanese place in Berkeley I've been meaning to try!

@Kristina - come visit!! We can meet up!! :) I will def tell you the inside scoop!

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