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Monday, February 13, 2012

Color me brightly

Thank you everyone on your weight loss tips and encouragement! I've now requested an invite to fitocracy (thanks for the suggestion gck!), following Lisa's advice I've re-downloaded myfitnesspal to my iphone (it has a waaaaaay more extensive food calorie counting database than the app I was using, LoseIt!), and I've been drinking lots of tea to try to curb my sweet tooth (fab suggestion Kimmie!)

I also managed to get several exercise sessions in since the last post (I think publicly telling y'all I wanted to lose weight helped with my motivation ;) ). I did several workout sessions from the Nike Training Club app I downloaded onto my iphone. It's got tons of workout sessions doing High Intensity Interval Training that I can do right in my living room! I love that it has videos showing me the exercise moves and the countdown/timer feature!

My friend Clara also sent me the NYTimes article on mindful eating. So I'm also now trying to very consciously, mindfully, thoughtfully, eat. The idea is that really focusing on the experience of eating the food will make you enjoy the food more (Hong, Lishner, Han, & Huss, 2011), and it will help you eat more slowly and pay more attention to your bodily signals that you're full. It's a tough one though because I tend to be working all the time, so eating has typically been something I multitask, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to pay more attention to my food while I'm eating it (and before and after).

Wearing: Lands End Canvas The Heritage Cardigan (Day Lily Orange sz XXS, bought on sale for $13.99!!), Banana Republic green v-neck tee (really old), Rave~Max~Turquoise Slim/Skinny low rise Jeans sz 5 (Ebay $5.24; similar here, here, here), Brown suede Zara ankle booties (thrifted $7; similar here, here, here)

Yup. I'm still wearing bright colors! I can't remember if I mentioned how much I love LE Canvas Heritage Cardigans. They're a fabulous slim fit, come in a bijillion different colors, and when you catch them on sale, they're an amazing bargain. I only wish they made the same style in wool as well as cotton for added warmth during the winter.

I wore this over the weekend to run errands and then to an early Valentine's Day dinner with Evan. It's hard for us to go out to dinner during the week, so when we heard one of our neighborhood restaurants was offering their Valentine's day prix fixe dinner Friday through V-day, we scheduled a nice weekend meal.

Enjoying an early prix fixe Valentine's Day at Luc in Seattle


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I read that NYT article too - really interesting but I think the goals of really concentrating on eating may be unattainable for those of us who work and barely have the time to scarf anything down - however, I totally agree with its concept though, but I'm not going to sit there and study an orange for 10 minutes, it's going in my belly! ;o)

Lori said...

@Lisa - HAHAHA! Your comment totally cracked me up. I feel the same way about wanting to eat my food! I was hoping I'd do baby steps, like maybe concentrating on the first bite or something ;)

Inkmark said...

Love the brightness and the new hairdo. How did you tie your hair with the pin? It looks so elegant and Chinese :-) I'd love to learn how to do that.

Lori said...

@Inkmark thanks so much! Admittedly my hair was a bit of an afterthought in these pics. It was still semi-curled from the day before, so I just pulled the top half of my hair up, twisted it into a mini-bun shape, and secured it with a tortoise colored beak clip I got when I was younger (like this one, although I think you might be able to find cheaper ones at your local drugstore).

I also just found a video of some different hairstyles to try with a beak clip. The first look she does looks similar to what I did, except I only used the top half of my hair and one beak clip at an angle to hold the hair in place.

And here's another example of someone using a beak clip with her hair half up. I think this also looks very sleek and would look great with your hair!

hope this helps!

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