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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Catch-up Montage Sequence

Sorry y'all! I've been gone so long! Too much to catch up on so I'll just focus on some highlights from the holidays in this post. Imagine this as a fast movie montage sequence. By the end of it, you should feel like you totally know how the whole months-long experience of my life went :) j/k

I found this ridiculously awesome Paul Frank fleece adult onesie to bum around the house in around the holidays. Bonus: it has pockets! It makes me so happy that I so don't care that Ev laughs at me every time he sees me wearing it.

Ev's Holiday party was at the sci-fi museum (Cee Lo Green was the main entertainment). But I also totally geeked out at the Battlestar Gallactica exhibit they had going on. (Wearing Betsey Johnson dress I picked up when I met Ms. Betsey Johnson herself!).

Took funny family pics

I love seeing my grandma in these pics! I'm so happy she's still doing so great at 91! I really cherished the time I got to spend with her over the holidays.

Caught up with some wonderful friends

I adore this toothy grin!

I miss my bestie so much since she moved to the East coast!

ha! This guy in back did an awesome photobomb

Last week, I got my very first bowtie! and I even learned how to tie it! I bought it for $2.49 (including shipping!) on ebay. Next I want a cute plaid one!
here's an early morning shot at the bus stop. I was so cold (and pale... ok I'm still pale). And my lips were too chapped to smile!

I took this one at home when I got back. I gotta get my tripod set up again. For now, mirror pic!

I also have been crazy bogged down with writing. With the holidays and the lack of exercise, I've gained 10 lbs in the past six months! I'm still crazy busy, but I'm announcing it to y'all now that I'm gonna work those 10 lbs off (ideally by summer!).

Anyone have any weight loss tips? I've tried keeping a food journal on my phone, but I'm bad at keeping up with it. I've fallen off in running (was due to cold weather, but now it's just due to lack of time and lots of inertia).


Sammie said...

Hi Lori! Sorry I have been out of touch too! Love the PF onsie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bowtie!

I too gained a few pounds and intend to lose them too. Let's go work out together! I've been trying to eat smaller portions but I don't think I am doing a good job b/c the latter portions end up being much bigger to make up for the smaller ones! ;)

gck said...

Welcome back =)

Fitocracy is the new social site for exercising. It will work well if you are competitive or are motivated by points, levels, and quests. I'm still running. I did a week indoors while waiting for Snowcopalypse's icy mess to melt, but now I'm back outside. It's actually perfect running temperature these days since it's nicer to be a little cold. Good luck!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Welcome back - love the Voltron tee on one of your family members!
I am currently using myfitnesspal to help track calories/workouts, etc. It is like a food journal but it tells you the nutrients and calories in certain foods. I know it should just be used as a reference, but it does motivate me Not to eat certain things when I realize how many calories they are - darn you, carrot cake!

Melissa said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back! You look fabulous, it doesn't look like you've gained 10 lbs. But I know I have, and yet people ask me if I've lost weight.

So...I'm just making sure I wake up early enough to work out every morning (Monday - Friday/Saturday) with DVDs (usually The FIRM). Protein shakes for breakfast, then lots of lowfat dairy and nuts and veggies and fruits for snacks. I'm a vegetarian so I won't go into meals.

Losing just 10 lbs is HARD!

Kimmie said...

!!!Onesie!!!! I've always wanted one for me and the Hubby (a gag gift for the Hubby). It looks so comfortable and I remember from my childhood the sound the feet make when running across hardwood floors. :) Thanks for catching up with us and letting us know what you've been up to. I've been trying to get back into shape as well. One thing that I think might help is eating lots of fruit and vegetables and cutting out sweets. I try to replace dessert with a flavorful tea like Vanilla Apricot or something similar. It's kind of like a mind game.

Judy said...

I was so worried about you ! Glad to see you back !

Fashionable Memories said...

Lovely photos!!! I'm so glad to have found your blog!!!! I really enjoy reading your posts!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my blog. Your supports will mean the world to me. Thank you so much in advance! Have a great day!!!

thatdamngreendress said...

welcome back! I wore a bow tie too this week- alas mine is not a classy satin tie-it-yourself- that is very cool.

Love the fancy dress- the blue/black stripes are gorgeous!

Lori said...

@Sammie - let's do it! I still have your giftie from vintageglammz too! I'm having the same problem, been okay at not overeating during the day, but I tend to eat a ton when hubby comes home and we eat dinner :(

@gck you rock! It is so hard to motivate myself to run when it's dreary outside :( Just requested an invite to fitocracy. A little extra motivation would be fabulous! Thanks for the suggestion!

@Lisa - lol. I will let Mike (my cousin) know you approve of his Voltron tee! I think I had myfitnesspal on my iphone for awhile, but I couldn't see whether it was better than what I had already been using (the LoseIt app). Have you tried LoseIt? Do you know how they compare? I'm totes taking your tip now tho of using the nutrition facts to figure out whether I should eat something or not.

@Melissa - you are so fab to wake up early and work out! I've never tried protein shakes before. Are they mostly used to build muscle? I'm pescaterian, but often eat mostly vegetarian. I've been trying to be good sticking to snacks like you're suggesting, but sometimes it's hard to resist unhealthy snackin' (or I get carried away eating too many pistachios... so hard to stop!)

@Terrie - Thanks!!

@Kimmie - that's such a great idea with the tea!! I drink tea all the time, but I hadn't really thought about it to satisfy my sweet tooth. A lot of those yogi teas have licorice root in them, and it makes it taste really sweet to me!

@Judy - you're so sweet! Thanks so much!

@Fashionable Memories - I will definitely check out your site :)

@thatdamngreendress - bowtie wearers unite!! I did debate awhile about getting a tie-it-yourself or pre-tied bowtie, They both look so great, but I thought it would be fun to learn how to tie one, and having it look a little imperfect (due to my tying skillz or lack there of) might give it a little extra character.

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