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Thursday, June 15, 2006

for the "sew I knit" along

The sewing project for "sew i knit" this month was to sew a top.

I finally finished my pattern. I chose Simplicity 5057, pattern D.

A tank top really doesn't take too much fabric, so I used an old vintage pillowcase I'd found thrifting.

It's been a while since I'd worked from a pattern, mostly I deconstruct and reconstruct clothes to my liking, or I just wing it. But I dutifully cut out the pattern.

I ended up getting fed up trying to turn the ribbon ties inside out after sewing them up, so I left them out. I also think that despite cutting the pattern to specifications, the lower back panel should have been longer, so I ended up sewing on a ruffle to compensate. I'm not sure how I like it or if I'll take it off. Right now, I think it adds a little bit of girly girl to it.

Overall I think I'd try the pattern again with a few modifications.


Jemnifer said...

Cute!! good work!

Dana Marie said...

Wow! It looks so adorable. I hope that someday I can sew like that!

Amanda said...

Very cute! I love using vintage pillow cases and sheets. Great, cheap fabric source.

I did get your package - thanks so much. I am online again today for the first time this week for any extended period. It's been nuts. I am mailing yours out tomorrow! Thanks for all the goodies and I am so sorry for the delay!

JoJo said...

So nice top. great job,love it.

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