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Sunday, August 08, 2004


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Today after going to Costco and OSH with paulie, e and I returned home. We walked into our courtyard between the parking lot and our corridor. I mentioned that I was hoping to see the little kitten that has moved into someone's apt on the 2nd floor (ooh how bad of them!).
Ervy then pointed out the very sad kitty that was in front of us. I hadn't noticed him in the shade. It was dreadfully skinny and its fur was quite dull and dirty. It was surrounded by a swarm of flies and bees. The worst thing about this kitty was its wounds. It had obviously been in some sort of fight. It was missing it's nose and entire top of its mouth, leaving a gaping hole in its face that flies continued to try to land in.

I put food out for the kitty and water. We called Palo Alto Humane Society and SPCA, but before someone arrived the kitty wandered off, and I couldn't find him after that.


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