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Monday, August 29, 2011

San Diego travel pics

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been absentee bloggy-face! Things are a bit time crunched right now, but I wanted to post a few pics from my San Diego travels.

We were busy travelers. Made it to the beach, the 1st California Mission, the zoo, the desert, Salton Sea (thought of as a preview to the apocalypse, check out this short documentary on the Salton Sea), and the largest US aircraft carrier museum!

ginormous succulents everywhere. SO COOL!

The rental car agency upgraded us to this car... not necessarily great for the desert, but we did get a lot of commentary from people, like: "Your car looks like a Terminator!"

Here I'm hoping I don't land on a cactus!

It got up to 111F!

fishy massacre at the Salton Sea

great signs at the zoo

best food text ever

love the huge bullet motif

so many dang dials!

phew! Next time, I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming, I swear! :)



Sayaka said...

Your blog is so fun and has so much personality!! I love the hat your wearing. So summery!!

Laura said...

You have me missing SD. Isn't the Zoo the most Amazing you have ever seen.

That jump you made was priceless. Holding your hat up over your head. I definitely would worry about loosing your balance upon landing.

All those dead fish in the Salton Sea :(

The car is from Transformers BTW. He-he! Love those movies.

My Step Father was stationed in SD when I was kid. Navy Captain. I was on so many ships and subs I can't name them all. Did you get to visit the Galley Sailing Ships in SD Bay?

The painting over my mantel that is in all my Reviews and OOTD's was painted by my Grandmother. The ship was in SD Bay at the time. She painted about 10 different renditions of that one.

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