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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Introducing Tungsten

Our newest little guy. We got him from animal talk rescue in Seattle. His weird little square moustache and his constant attempt to "make muffins" out of air won our hearts. I only teared up twice when we went looking for kitties. I feel bad for the kitty volunteers. One of them asked me if my current kitty was good with other kitties. I started talking about Nikko, and almost started crying. The poor volunteer felt soo bad! Luckily, despite being a bit over emotional, we walked out with a sweetie! We named him Tungsten (runner up names were Zoji (like our rice cooker), Epsilon, Titus, and Achilles). He's the first kitty we have with amber eyes. I found them quite odd/startling to look at initially, but I've gotten used to them. He just looks so serious all the time! I think he kinda looks like a stuffy old professor - but in a cute way.

From lorispeak

He's already met Buddie, and they get along. Asha and he have seen each other a few times, but she mostly has kept away from him. He's such a sweetie, and will just lie on his back snuggling with us when he's tuckered out.


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HURRAY for new kitty!!!

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