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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hamilton, Montana

If you are ever in Hamilton, Montana you should check out A Place to Ponder Bakery And Cafe. Their baked goods are amazing! We were in charge of getting the dessert for the BBQ after the wedding on Saturday. The owner of the Little Blue Joint restaurant in Darby told us we needed to go to Hamilton to get good baked goods. He was right about A Place To Ponder-- it made delicious things. We ended up buying a whole white chocolate cake with raspberry filling for an impromptu wedding cake. I also picked up this humongous Ginger cookie crinkle (two ginger cookies the size of Evan's head sandwiched around some frosting). Yum!


SergtPeppa said...

That place sounds AMAZING. I'll have to check it out. Don't think I've ever been to Montana...

Anonymous said...

Despite my slight cookie phobia I think I'd take a bite of that!

Clearly, I'm still procrastinating. Now I will start writing.

Vivienne said...

hey lori! was browsing thru my old xanga entries and found your comment. speaking of tennis camp, i'm picking up tennis again lately! where are u these days? i'm in the bay area...going to LA a lot on weekends to visit the boyfriend...oh btw this is vivienne lee (the one who actually went to MIT, not just visited and ditched!) :p

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