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Monday, June 16, 2008

I know what the dandelion feels... but I'll keep diggin' 'em!

This is the tip of a dandelion fork/digger

I got one after seeing my neighbor use it so successfully. Yesterday, the fork and my arm had an argument, and the dandelion digger won :(.

I have to say, I love it when I do stupid things. I went out to the garage to grab the digger to attack some weeds in the back yard. On my way out of the garage, I remembered I wanted to start a pot of chives. So I grabbed a pot in one hand, and had the digger in the other hand. And when I passed my bag of unopened potting soil, it seemed like a great idea to use this nice sharp forky tool to open the bag up. Course it went through the bag a bit too easily and continued on up my arm digging two trails from my elbow to my wrist - with the crowning glory being where the right prong sliced into where it settled.... blech. Luckily evan was outside, so I called him to help me sanitize and bandage it as I kept the cut pinched closed.


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