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Friday, March 28, 2008


We finally went out to dinner on our own (an impromptu date!) in the capitol hill neighborhood. We have been wanting to try Quinn's - touted as a gastropub. We waded through cap hill hipsters for a fabulous dining experience.

We went early (around 6:30p) and we were seated right away (I should mention that later the place was insanely crowded, and there was a long wait). Quinn's has humongous windows which was great since it was still light out when we went (when we left, we actually thought the place was too dark, as they don't turn the lights on brighter after the sun goes down).

We started out with a appetizer of meatball sliders. They were deliciously savory and perfectly sized (a little bigger than a golf ball each).

We also indulged ourselves by getting the marrow appetizer. This was a huge appetizer btw - three large marrow bones! They were absolutely delicious and rich. Our only complaint is that they didn't have marrow spoons. Instead they used espresso spoons which don't quite fit as well into the bones.

I ended up ordering the housemade sausage, with kale and lentils because it seemed appropriately warming for a chilly day. This dish was so yummy! Whatever they cooked the kale in (maybe pork or duck fat) was just amazing. The sausage was great (especially with the dijon they served it with). And the lentils were cooked perfectly (just slightly al dente). I only with pictures of sausage didn't come out looking so... you know...

Evan ordered the hanger steak (rare) and fries. I love it when fries are done well, and Quinn's really cooks their fries perfectly. Although I didn't try the steak,Evan said it was amazing!

I didn't pay attention to what beer evan got on tap, but I went with the Flor del Montgo Monastrell Yecla 2006 which complimented the rich meal perfectly.


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