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Monday, December 10, 2007

Pam's Kitchen

As a bay area girl, I was an avid user before coming up to Seattle. Once here, I discovered the local yelp to be less active than SF, and I have since posted reviews of restaurants to help the community grow.

Early this year, I reviewed Pam's Kitchen (a Trinidadian-Caribbean place in the U-District). I'll copy the review here for completeness:

3 star review
I want to love this place. It's family owned, and the people are so wonderful. The menu is small, basically it consists of the rotis with either meat and potatoes/chickpeas or chickpeas and potatoes. They do change their daily specials which helps liven things up.

Unfortunately, nothing is spicy here due to the Seattle clientele. BUT they make their own hot sauce (and they're talking about bottling it and selling it. I would definitely buy this!). It's tangier than other hot sauces I have tried. But it really really kicks it up. Man it's so good.

Their chicken dishes are white meat which makes things dry. I had a duck version of a roti plate, and it was mostly bones. I got the special jerk chicken. The chicken was really good (It was dark meat! a whole leg). Their spicy greenbeans tasted like/texture wise canned greenbeans, but the flavor was good.

Well, this morning I received a message from Pam's husband and restaurant owner, Patrick C..

I was absolutely shocked to see his message, subject "Get a life":
"Get a life and not a roti stay away".

Another three star reviewer was told by Patrick C. that he should "go back to India!".

I had written the above review to be relatively positive, but I cannot endorse going to an establishment run by people who use rude, unprofessional, offensive tactics. I am severely disappointed in this outcome.

As I mentioned above, the family owners originally seemed very nice. Having now been the recipient of their misdirected wrath, I can no longer recommend that others go here. Thus, I changed my review from three stars to one star, and I am hoping other web surfers looking for reviews of Pam's Kitchen consider whether they would like to support a business that uses such unsavory tactics.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Clara-nobo, or wilkins-key?

Seattle food

Cheesecale flan at Brasa

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

House calls

The intense rain these past couple days caused some major floods in the Seattle area! My friend Leona's house got surrounded by water and she had to be lifted out of there! I'm currently catsitting her cute kitten Brandi. Brandi LOVES LOVES LOVES the bath tub. I don't quite get it. I thought it was really funny until I went to take a shower this morning and Brandi got really upset that I was in 'her' tub. I think she was actually screaming at me to get out. Okay, I still think it's funny. :)

On another note, we got our house keys from our realtor last night! Wahoo! We officially move the 14th!
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