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Thursday, November 08, 2007

House on a hill

We are buying a house!

Woohoo! We should be closing early December. I have to admit, I'm really enjoying thinking about revamping the yard and kitchen. I think for the yard, I want to put in a French Drain (because our neighbors house is at a higher elevation, and all the rain in Seattle will make my hill soggy), and I want to terrace our backyard slope to make great areas to grow my veggies and cutting garden. I've already decide I need a cherry tree, apple tree, italian plum tree, lilac tree, some roses, hydrangeas, lots of lavender, and seasonal veggies and herbs. I also want to install a new stone patio (in place of the backyard lawn). I've been going through back issues of Better homes and gardens to look for remodeling and gardening ideas before I recycle them all.

Yay home! And I'll get to take Buddie (the family dog)! He'll love it in Seattle--it's such a dog town.


April said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've got some "baby" lilacs shooting up around my tree/bush. If you're interested in smallish...but gonna be beauts....let me know. I know where the shovel is and we can make arrangements. I live about 45 minutes north of you, but we can arrange something. ;) Fellow crafters/gardeners have to

Unknown said...

happy for lorvy, sad for clara who is gonna miss her neighbors/ friends. but.... party at your house!

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