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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

cross your fingers for him

I just came back from the vet. Nikko has been making weird choking noises every once and a while the past few days, so we figured he'd swallowed something. Today I brought him to the Cat Clinic of Seattle. They think he has some sort of grass caught up behind his soft palate. Some cats have that problem when eating grass.

It's my fault. We have a yard out back of our new place, and I have taken him for walks there and let him eat the grass. He really seemed to enjoy it. *sigh* Now he has to be in the hospital and go under anesthetics tomorrow so they can try to get it out. Hopefully, it will all be ok.

Cross your fingers everything goes smoothly for him folks!


CjSachiko said...

I hope it all goes well for Nikko.

Delia said...

Crossing my fingers!

Glad to hear you have been enjoying Seattle...

Janis said...

I will keep good kitty thoughts for Nikko!

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