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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

neglected things

As my life seems to charge full speed ahead, several things I love are silently standing by, waiting to get attention again.

There's my knitting of course. This poor scarf was started right after Valentines Day with the wonderful pink yarn Ervy got me from Full Thread Ahead. I decided I wanted a long narrow scarf, and I based it off the stitch pattern for Sheep in the City's My So Called Scarf.

Ha, you can't tell how short it is from this picture. Notice how I slyly cut off the ends of the picture so you can't see just how little work I've been able to do on it. It could be miles long.... you just don't know!

Now, I am disturbed that I seem to have some sort of ridge/space that has formed in the scarf... What am I doing wrong?

And then, there's my neglected garden. What do you suppose this is?

Why it's broccoli, can't you tell? Of course it looked more like broccoli before I forgot to harvest it. All the green florets sprang to life with pretty yellow flowers. I did get to eat the first harvest. These were from the second set of offshoots.

And here's my poor cabbage that has yet to ever make it into cabbage form for some reason... but they're like pretty purple flowers anyway :)

Of course I also have some neglected spinning that's still on the Wally the Wheel. Wally has been almost permanently shuffled to one corner of my living room, right next to my neglected drum carder :(

At some point, my life will return to normal (or will it?). For now, I at least know I don't neglect my cats :) In fact, Nikko would often like it if I left him alone more... like this morning, when he was obviously perturbed by the camera shoved in his sleeping face...

For good measure, here's a photo I had meant to put up when Skittle was visiting our house. All three cats, asleep on the futon. I love that Nikko and Asha are butt to butt.


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